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Noh MinWoo told friend HyunJoong to change his way of talking for acting.

Just found out a not-so-old news about Minwoo and Hyunjoong (SS501). Thought I should share.

Noh MinWoo failed to get Kim HyunJoong to play bass guitar for his self-produced movie OST.

Noh MinWoo (23), a singer cum talent who acts in MBC sitcom ‘TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun’, revealed his affinity with same-aged friend SS501 member Kim HyunJoong.

Noh MinWoo told Nocutnews in an interview recently, “We became close since mid of last year. However, HyunJoong is so busy these days that I am not able to see much of him.”

Noh MinWoo “I met Kim HyunJoong before he started acting in drama ’Boys Over Flowers’. At that time, I told HyunJoong ‘I think you have to change the way you talk if you act’, but HyunJoong replied to me ‘I think you have to do that too’. It is great to see HyunJoong get such a good result for his first time acting.”

Kim HyunJoong is well known for speaking out in a loose manner. Noh MinWoo’s way of talking is similar to Kim HyunJoong’s.

Both of them also understand each other music-wise. Noh MinWoo participated as an actor and music director for Mega TV movie ‘Story of Wine’ produced by himself last year, showing his talent in music. Recently, Noh MinWoo’s self-composed song ‘Right Now’ which he sang with SNSD’s Sunny for an OST album was the talk of the town.

Though Kim HyunJoong is a member of an idol group, he was with a school band during his school days, which shows his passion for music. He also plays guitar.

Noh MinWoo said “I asked HyunJoong to play the bass guitar for the OST song ‘First Snow’. HyunJoong readily agreed to it but because of the filming of ‘Boys Over Flowers’, he was not able to do it in the end.” He added “If there is an opportunity, I want to make music with HyunJoong.”

Noh MinWoo acts as prince-like ‘Noh MinWoo’ in ‘TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun’. He is currently in activity as group 24/7 made up of HyunWoo and Lee JangWoo who also appeared in the sitcom.

credit: nocutnews +
translation by: xiaochu @
shared by: cassiELForever +


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