alice R princess (alicerprincess) wrote in rose_court,
alice R princess

Go and get yourself some Ssanghwajeom/Frozen Flower!

Did you hear the news?
Well, since no one else really mentioned it, a few weeks ago, Ssanghwajeom was released on DVD for English viewers to enjoy :D

It has subtitles for all of you that cannot understand the Korean spoken in the film.

I'm already ahead of you XD

It's affordable, you can understand whats being said, it's got 2 discs with extras, Minwoo will be super crispy clear and you can make him life size if you have a big TV,  go go go!!

Go buy a copy!



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love your way of advertising this :'D

waiting for my next 'I-am-a-good-girl-and-visited-my-father' money ;x;
Go go go! XD
Then, you can tuck it in bed with you at night 8D and be sleepin' with all them "guys" kukuku
thanks for the info!
You're welcome :)
this was uploaded months ago on soompi XD for those of us who have region issues with the dvd XD
It's for the English viewers and the extras and subtitles that are contained in this have not been uploaded. (I'd be concerned if they were too, it's things like that that are causing the economy to mess up everywhere.)
Besides, people with an all region DVD player wouldn't have an issue. Even so, Korean DVDs play in most all normal DVD players unless you live on an island somewhere. ;P
the UK is an island XDD and the dvd is region encoded for a reason unless its region 2 uk dvd players wont play it and region free dvd players r illegal here XP
That is lame. I am so not ever moving
tis why i ish emigrating first chance i get! XDD