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No MinWoo's loyal subjects

Fans of No MinWoo aka Princess Rose
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for fans of No MinWoo. He is more widely know as Rose of the Korean rock band the TRAX. He has called himself Princess on many occasions hence the name 'Rose Court'. He will always be our Princess and we are his loyal subjects. Come join us!

No MinWoo brief profile

nicknames: Rose, Princess, R, Alice, Rose Beetz, Hika
birthdate: May 29, 1986
family: Mother, Father, and little brother
blood type: AB or O
talents: drums, guitar, keyboard, singing/rapping, music and lyric composition, acting, drawing
likes: pink, strawberries, Tim Burton, strawberry milk, sushi, bread, rain, awareness, smallness, America, burnt things, chicken, strawberry hemp cloth, fruit, Republic of Ghana, chocolate, doughnut bazaars
favourite musicians: Marilyn Manson, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Limp Bizkit, X-Japan, Muse, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins, Creed, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Miyavi, hide, KangTa
pets: a shitzu (dog) named Dorothy

General Things to Note:

All things Rose are welcome here! From the mp3s he's posted on his cyworld to the commericials he's done. Anything Rose related that you think is too random or OT to be posted to the_trax is welcome here! All discussion pertaining to Rose, his work, and his fans are welcome and encouraged. Also feel free to post photos, graphics, links to downloads of videos and music or Rose sites, fanfics, fanart, ect.

Feel free to write an introduction when you join so we can welcome you!

Periodically I upload files for members to download, but so non-members don't use up the bandwith these posts will be friends only. So if you want access please join and remember to be logged into lj when viewing the community!

Current layout by theshiz, all credits to her!

Specific Rules:

Above all, please respect the rules, your mods, and each other. We're all here for the same reason; Rose rocks!

1) This comm is for Rose. If your post is about Rose AND other TRAX members, that is fine. However, if it does not have to do with Rose and is just about the TRAX, please instead post it in our mother comm the_trax

2) Fangirling is allowed, but please keep it in moderation! One post every so often about how hot Rose is is fine, but if it becomes every other post it is gonna be way too much!

3) Advertising of other comms and sites is allowed, but also in moderation and they must somehow relate to Rose!

4) Always be polite and respectful to other members. Constuctive critism is fine and valid arguments are great. But no flame wars or personal attacks will be tolerated.

5) No bashing of any artists discussed here! Do not insult any member of the TRAX or any other artist, their looks, talent, originality, or their ability to perform. Discussions concerning a TRAX member being off at a certain performance, some similiarities to other artists, or the like is fine, just no direct insults to anyone! Everyone has different tastes so please respect that!

6) Posts containing large pictures, many pictures, or a very large amount of text should be put under a lj cut. This is just normal lj netiquette. If you're unfamiliar with lj cut, consult lj's faq located in the blue task bar above. If you're still confused, say so in your post and we'll help you out.

7) If you're looking for info on a topic that may've been posted about before check out the community's memories here. If you can't find it or want more details, post! I won't bite anyone's head off for repeat posts unless it gets absurdly redundant.

8) Any posts OR comments dealing with anything of a nature of over a PG-13 rating MUST be put behind a lj cut and clearly stated what they are; ie: yaoi fanfics, nude fanart, descriptive roleplay, ect. Posts of an adult nature are perfectly welcome here, but not everyone wants to be exposed to them, so please be careful.

9) Any complaints or suggestions you have as to the content or tone of this comm should be taken directly to a mod, not posted on the comm itself, our contact info is located below. We DO want to hear your opinions!! It’s just easier to deal with and less likely to become a flame war, misinterpreted as an attack, or hurt anyone’s feelings if dealt with this way. If it warrants a public post, to gather opinions and such, we will post about it.

10) If anything any member of this comm says bothers you, feel free to contact us as well. I try to read every single comment on every single post, but sometimes that is just not possible. If you think someone is being rude to you or others, let me know. I do care.

NOTE: If you attempt to contact us and do not hear back within a week or so, something has gone wrong with the e-mail. We will NOT ignore you and do respond to all messages recieved! But e-mail being the way it is, things sometimes don't go through or get misplaced in the spam mail folder. So if you don't hear from us, send it again or try and catch us on AIM or MSN.

Other than that, post often and freely! Invite your friends! I want to keep this place active and enjoyable for everyone!


Rose's cyworld blog
our Mother comm the_trax
Affiliate comm trax_daily
Affiliate comm theromantist


Coming Soon! someday maybe!